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About the Brand

Brand Story

 Rippling with meaning and marked by an intense feeling of craving, jewelry is the only art form that can express the supreme longing for a balance which can never be achieved. MYLA OSUCA’s unrelenting desire to find a universal balance has led to the creation of a distinct, inimitable style of jewelry. Inspired by contrasting opposites and artistic collisions, the designer is weaving together present and future, East and West, antiquity and modernity; creating delicate jewelry pieces that are infinitely beautiful and yet unmistakably contemporary.

 Evoking admiration for high jewelry creations, MYLA OSUCA jewelry is meticulously crafted to be enjoyed from afar as well as become a finishing touch for an everyday modern look. Sharp, structural forms reflect the attitude and spirit of a confident woman, while serene and luminous tones symbolize the beauty and soul of a thoughtful artist.


Japanese Craftsmanship and Original Cuts

 Crafted in Japan from 18-karat-gold, ethically sourced diamonds, and precious gemstones, MYLA OSUCA jewelry demonstrates a rare interplay of artistic ingenuity with superlative Japanese artisanship.

 Each of the distinctive stones in the debut Clare and Hexa collections takes geometric shape, personifying the Art Deco Era aesthetic. As the light enters each gemstone, it reflects off the interior of numerous facets, carefully placed and angled by high-precision Japanese lapidary craftsmen. Lucid and exquisitely cut, every gemstone in the collection displays a forever expanding radiance and impossible proximity to perfection.